Convergence was released on the 5th of February 2016 in the United States. Earlier, this horror film from writer-director Drew Hall had a premiere at the FirstGlance Festival. It stars Clayne Crawford, who plays the role of a police detective. He arrives in a near-empty hospital after getting injured by an explosion.

This hospital where he has been sent to recover appears to be haunted. The film also has co-stars Mykelti Williamson and Ethan Embry.

Production and theme

The shooting of this film took place at an abandoned Alabama hospital. According to writer-director Drew Hall, the film’s theme speaks of finding redemption through grace rather than revenge. Ethan Embry plays the character of Daniel. His cult was based on a Christian terrorist organization known as ‘Army of God’. It is headquartered in Alabama, the state where the film’s writer-director Drew Hall grew up.

He initially had plans to release two different versions of Convergence. These two parts would tell the entire story. One of them was from the point of view of Ben Walls, whose role Crawford plays in the film. The other was from the point of view of ghost hunters. However, this was abandoned and it was decided to integrate the footage of ghost hunter into the first story.

Clayne Crawford’s role in the film

Clayne Crawford plays the role of Ben Walls in the film. He is a detective from Atlanta who is investigating a case of bombing. The crime scene is a women’s health clinic. As he is inspecting the scene, another explosion takes place at the same site. Later, he finds himself at the hospital, which seems pretty strange. He has orders to sit tight from Mykelti Williamson who plays the role of his captain in the film.

Walls discovers that the hospital only has few people in it, which seems quite mysterious. Among them is a nurse who appears to have been lost in a time warp. Another inhabitant is a weird security guard. The third character is Daniel, a menacing paramedic who controls the premises.


After premiering at the FirstGlance Film Festival, Dark Sky Films gave it a limited release across the United States. About four days later, it was released in a digital format and on home video.

Responses from critics

Frank Scheck from The Hollywood Reporter was all praise for the acting, direction, and production design of this film. He also pointed out the flaws saying that the story was too complex. Scheck was also of the opinion that the audiences would find the story too difficult to understand.

Pete Vonder Haar from The Village Voice said that the film kept its audiences in an unbalanced state. According to him, it was good for a supernatural horror film. His opinion was that the explanations were the weaknesses in the story. Shawn Macomber from Fangoria gave the film three out of four stars. He wrote that the film was brilliant and thought-provoking.

Matt Boiselle from Dread Central gave Convergence four out of five stars. He said that the film was fun and at the same time gave its audiences the chills. Mark L. Miller from Ain’t It Cool News described the film as a wild ride. He also pointed out that it was impressive in the way that it plays out.

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