Clayne Crawford is famous for his roles in the television series, Lethal Weapon and Rectify. He was born on the 20th of April 1978 as Joseph Crawford. Later, he took on his professional name of Clayne Crawford. He got a nomination for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for his role in Rectify as Teddy Talbot.

The nomination was for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. Besides television, he has also acted in films. Among them are a few small independent films that didn’t receive a worldwide distribution. Here are some of the fabulous movies of this actor that you must not miss watching:

1. A Walk to Remember

This film was based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks of the same name. The producers were worried that this film might face rejection from the teenage audiences. Because of this, they changed the setting of this novel from the 1950s to the early 2000s.

The film was a success at the box office, earning four times its overall budget. Written by Karen Janszen and directed by Adam Shankman, A Walk to Remember is a coming-of-age film. The shooting of this film took place in Wilmington during the summer of 2001.

It went on for 39 days after borrowing the sets from Dawson’s Creek, a teen drama television series. Just like Sparks’ novel, the film was dedicated to the author’s sister, Danielle. The inspiration for the story of this movie came from her cancer-afflicted life.

2. The Perfect Host

Released in 2010, this film is a psychological thriller. It’s a remake of a short film The Host from the movie’s director, Nicholas Tomnay. The film had its screening in many film festivals, including the Sundance Film Festival. It had a limited release in theaters of the United States on the 1st of July 2011.

Clayne Crawford plays the role of a fugitive named John Taylor in this film. The Perfect Host’s filming took place in Los Angeles. It was the winner of the audience award at the 2011 Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival. At the Abertoir Film Festival in the same year, it won the best feature award.

3. Swimfan

Also known as Fanatica, this teen psychological thriller came out in 2002. The partial financing of this film came from the film production company of actor Michael Douglas called Furthur Films. Written by Charles Bohl and Phillip Schneider, this film is directed by John Polson. It narrates the tale of a high school swimming star who is stalked by a teenage seductress.

The shooting of this film took place in New York and New Jersey. In its first week of release, the film earned the number one spot at the North American box office. Beating City by the Sea and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it went on to earn $12.4 million. It was distributed in most countries of the world by Twentieth Century Fox. In the United Kingdom, its distribution was by Icon Film Distribution.

4. Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball

A prequel to the 2006 film Smokin’ Aces by Joe Carnahan, this action thriller came from director P.J. Pesce. It is about an FBI desk jockey who’s on the target of several hired assassins for murder. Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball was the production of Working Title Films. On the 19th of January 2010, it had a direct-to-video release by Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

5. Spectral

Coming from director Nic Mathieu, Spectral was a 2016 release. It falls under the action-adventure, supernatural horror, fantasy, and thriller categories. Mathieu wrote this film himself, along with Ian Fried and George Nolfi. It had a worldwide release on the 9th of December 2016 on Netflix.

The film stars James Badge Dale, Clayne Crawford, Max Martini, Emily Mortimer, and Bruce Greenwood. On the 1st of February 2017, Netflix released the film’s prequel graphic novel. It was soon available in digital format with the title Spectral: Ghosts of War through a website called ComiXology.

6. The Killing of Two Lovers

This American drama film stars Clayne Crawford, Avery Pizzuto, Sepideh Moafi, Arri Graham, Chris Coy, and Ezra Graham. Robert Machoian produced, wrote, directed, and edited the film. The Killing of Two Lovers had its world premiere on January 27, 2020, at the Sundance Film Festival. Neon acquired the distribution rights in October 2020.

7. Convergence

The premiere of this film took place on the 26th of April 2015 at the FirstGlance Film Festival. This horror film written and directed by Drew Hall stars Clayne Crawford as a police detective. His co-stars in the film were Ethan Embry and Mykelti Williamson.

In the film, he arrives at a hospital after being in the middle of an explosion. The hospital is almost empty and appears haunted. After the film’s premiere in 2015, it had a limited release in the United States.

8. The Baytown Outlaws

The Baytown Outlaws is about Brick, Lincoln, and McQueen who are popular as Oodie brothers. They’re vigilante killers who work for the local sheriff. The trio take up the task of rescuing a young boy from his godfather. As the Oodie brothers are on their mission to deliver the boy to safety, plans fall apart quickly.

The story for this 2012 action comedy movie came from writers Barry Battles and Griffin Hood. It was also the directorial debut of Barry Battles. The film stars Clayne Crawford, Travis Fimmel, Andre Braugher, Daniel Cudmore, Paul Wesley, Eva Longoria, and Billy Bob Thornton.

9. On The Doll

Covering the lives of many victims and victimizers, On The Doll tells the story of pain. It talks about how the traumas suffered during early childhood can haunt one’s adult life. This film came from the writer and director Thomas Mignone and had a limited release in 2007. Its title comes from the phrase ‘show me on the doll where you were touched’.

The interrogators usually ask this to young children who’ve been the victims of sexual abuse. This movie had a limited theatrical release on the 13th of June in the United States. Its DVD release has deleted scenes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and commentary from the director.

10. A Love Song for Bobby Long

Starring John Travolta as Bobby Long, this psychological drama came out in 2004. The film is based on Ronald Everett Capps’ novel Off Magazine Street. Travolta’s character is that of an aging alcoholic. Scarlett Johansson plays the role of a headstrong young woman named Pursy Will.

A Love Song for Bobby Long was written and directed by Shainee Gabel. It had a world premiere in 2004 at the 61st Venice International Film Festival. This was followed by its limited release in the United States.

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